Yucca Prime, main producing company of Matt’s Beurois new film “Five Minutes With Mary“, conducted a PR operation to launch the teaser trailer on You Tube.

A week after, The US trailer has been listed by MTV and Gossip Bucket, the lead actor Jansen Panettiere supported the promo operation on Instagram, and in France, the movie has been listed on the Imdb equivalent : Allociné, with cast, crew, and trailer listing. The US trailer went off ahead 1500 hits on You Tube as a result.

The French subtitled teaser also has been shared by several local publications, and we can guess the soundtrack song “Paris-Desert” by Talent Factory client Auregan, will be out soon.

Auregan also just launched her production company official website, giving Yucca Prime, Beverly Hills LLC based, an international visibility.

Talent Factory is proud of its clients and keeps partnering in this press operation to promote the film and its interests.



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