The movie still in in postproduction, but a press screening already took place in Paris. First reviews sound great, and director Matt Beurois presented his movie saying “this film is not about a performance, it is about emotion. About what is our place, what can we do, in such complex times ?”.

The film already won BEST SCRIPT in Denmark, and is in competition for two other BEST SCRIPT categories in Los Angeles, and you can add three other nominations in competition -still in L.A- as BEST SONG COMPOSED FOR A MOVIE, thanks to the work of Talent Factory singer and performer Auregan.

Today, its total comes to 5 nominations and 1 win, even before distribution.

Next step is for the movie to go back to California for color grading, and start running the worldwide festivals, this time as a completed film.

Keep in touch with each step liking the film’s facebook page.




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