The third edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards will take place in Paris, on the Champs Elysées, on July 3rd.

Created and run by Matt Beurois, the “PAMA” was the first festival he created before founding the Talent Factory.

We asked 3 questions to the boss.

Hi Matt. So you’re in Paris now, for the next edition of the Paris Art and Movie Awards. Why is that festival so special ?

Hey. It is special because it’s been the first I created. All I learned with the PAMA helped me develop all the other events, festivals and contests I created after that one. Today, we have direct connexions between these events, for exemple, 2 of the best feature script nominees to the PAMA this July are winners of the Script and Storyboard Showcase. The PAMA is our annual event in Paris, and we’re building bridges with our Talent Factory annual event in Los Angeles. It’s a growing network.

What are the highlights of this year’s event in Paris ?

Our Jury president is Mélanie Doutey, a very talented French actress, wonderful woman, always nice and smiling. She was on films with Oscar Winner Jean Dujardin (twice), she loves newcomers and independent filmmakers, her credits prove it, like when she stared in “Aux Yeux de Tous”, a great independent film. We also have, nominated in official competition this year Hugo Becker (Gossip Girl, nominated best lead actor), Testuo Nagata (nominated best DOP), and for example the short film True Heart is nominated several times in different categories. The film is directed by Jonathan Kingston Gameiro credited on Star Wars: Episode VIII, Doctor Strange or Jason Bourne to name a few. His film is so good. For the first time we also have an Iranian film in competition, which is very important regarding the censorship in this country. Festivals are here to helps that kind of films to travel over the world.

What’s gonna happen during the award ceremony this year ?

Well, we’ll see… Paris is always a good idea you know… Like every year we’ll have red carpet, step and repeat, photo call, and the winners will step on stage to claim their awards. We’re working on some cool stuff too, we’ll see if we can make it happen as we’d like to, so this evening will be important to filmmakers. We also have new categories like best score, and best editor. We want to reward films, and those who make them.

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