After wrapping its shoot this June, the  first feature film by award winning director Matt Beurois got edited this summer in France, with Arnaud Devineau as 1st assistant editor.

Then the post-production process continued in Los Angeles, before the producer Auregan booked a post-production studio in Santa Fe, New Mexico, to offer the best inspiring environment to the artistic process.

Two complete versions of the film have been edited : each one with a radical different approach of the narrative.

Both versions have been screened in private in Santa Fe, in presence of the producer, and the feedbacks are currently being used to complete the 1st draft of the film before the AFM this November in Los Angeles.

The producer and the director of THE BARN also took a drive around Santa Fe and Albuquerque doing location scouting for the feature film 26 MILES, under development by Yucca Prime.

Picture below on the left Carlo Zanella, DP, and Auregan, producer.

The first teaser and poster of THE BARN will soon be revealed.


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