Director Johnny Martin signed DELIRIUM, an independent haunted house flick, VENGEANCE, a tensed drama-packed film starring Nicolas Cage, and lately HANGMAN, a serial killer investigation starring the legend Al Pacino, along with Karl Urbn and Britanny Snow.

He was Talent Factory’s 2018 Keynote speaker during the annual event, this year on May 2nd in Studio City.

Johnny Martin has been a stunt guy for almost 20 year. The guy falling from the Titanic and bouncing down when the ship is sinking ? That’s him.

Then he became a 2nd unit director, working on action scenes in the most efficient way. And then he learned how to produce a film working with Avi Lerner, another legend in the industry.

Tree years ago, Johnny produced and financed himself an independent film : Delirium. He wanted to prove his skills and show his ability to direct a full length feature.

And long story short : he was assisting Nicolas Cage during the pre-production of VENGEANCE. Nicolas Cage was set to direct the film, but his schedule didn’t allow him to. Less than a day before the first day of shoot, the DGA authorizes Johnny Martin to jump from producer to director, and here he goes to direct VENGEANCE : A LOVE STORY.

Followed very soon after by HANGMAN, starring Al Pacino :

For an hour on May 2, Johnny Martin shared his experience with a fully packed venue in Studio City, counting many filmmakers and upcoming talents in attendance. How to write, how to anticipate distribution, how to connect, and how to take your own shot.

How to be ready to adapt yourself, to seize opportunities, and how not to care about somes things that are not and will not be of you to decide, like : budget.

Each tip came with a backstory. Each anecdote came from experience, and Johnny shared his knowledge genuinely because he believes he still is a young filmmaker fighting to be a storyteller.



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