Talent Factory has been created to pursue the objective of pushing the independent artists in the movie and multimedia industry all over the world under the headlights.

1 office in Paris




Talent Factory is a platform that manages film festivals,

represents talented artists, movies,

an offers many options to push your work to the next step.

We are a boutique agency with two main focuses :

– the movie industry (sales representation, promotion, PR, management, sometimes co-production…)

– the music business (co-production, management, artist development, PR…)


We have a branch in Paris, and a brand new one in Los Angeles.

For more than 10 years,we’ve been attending the Cannes Film Market, the AFM, the Midem, MaMa, Jimi, Bis professional showcases,…

With an international team, The Talent Factory is now a international platform that creates events and pushes independent artists onto the light, with a range of actions from festival management to press promotion.