Talent Factory has been created to pursue the objective of pushing the independent artists in the movie and multimedia industry all over the world under the headlights.

1 office in Paris




Talent Factory is a platform that manages film festivals,

represents talented artists,

an offers many options to push your work to the next step.


Matt Beurois, multi awarded director and awarded scriptwriter, created the Paris Art and Movie Awards after travelling during 2 years with a movie of his own across many films festivals.

After this journey, he decided to fulfill an old dream of creating his own film festival event.

Actor Jansen Panettiere, director Matt Beurois and DP Carlo Zanella.

He focuses on keeping all the best experiences he had, and he kept in mind all the little things that sometimes leave you kind of disappointed when you run in competition or when you are attending an event.

This turned out to be the Paris Art and Movie Awards. This first festival had such a success that he was listed, as soon as for its second edition « a festival not to miss » by Culture Trip.

Having directed several music videos, then was created the Music Video Underground : a voluntarily not mainstream event that screened the best and the strangers music vids in June 2017 (1st edition in Paris).

With many connections in the industry, and with his own feature project on the move, Matt now spends most of his time in Los Angeles.


The management branch is not something new. Matt has been a music manager for more than 10 years, attending Midem, MaMa, Jimi, Bis professional showcases, and speaking in many conferences through these events.

With an international team, Talent Factory is now a international platform that provides a series of festivals and events that focus on a diverse range of expertise.

These are not big festivals : these are human scale events that you can get something from, and take it away with you, for your career.