Talent Factory has two branches : one in Paris, one in Los Angeles.


We represent talents, whatever is yours : we have directors, scriptwriters,

actresses and actors, directors of photography, musicians…

Finding a manager is a cross path. In every country you will get no answers, or a no, or no answer.

But most of the time, you will have the “we do not accept unsolicited material”.

Well, we do accept unsolicited material, because this is the job the managers are supposed to do.

Send us your reel, your resume, a couple of pictures, your Imdb link, your website if you have one. We will review your case and give you a feedback. We’ll start from there.

Send it through Facebook here

or to




> Our focus is on artists based in Los Angeles, or that want to work in Los Angeles.

> Our specialty is to help French artists to make the next step to Los Angeles

> We work as every legit Management Company : we work with you to help you go further in your career. It’s not easy, it’s not obvious, it is WORK.

> Our Management services are free of charge, we follow the TMA Code of Ethics. We take 10% of the earning you got through us or with us. If you find a job without our help, we obviously do not take a dime.



We offer a basic package, free of charge, when you get selected to be in our catalogue.

> Be your representative

> Work on your material and yourself as a material as a creative development manager.

> Offer guidance, second opinion, advices.

> Reviewing your work and career, deeply and seriously, to dialog and discuss with you of your opportunities. All the necessary time, as many times you need. This is management.

> Imdb page management and updates

> Mails and e-mails management

> Having you invited to Red Carpet, events, workshops… Sometimes some professional events have a fee.





You are thinking of an O-1 Visa, a Green Card (EB-1 Visa), or an E-2 Visa to settle in the United States.

We have been there, we have done that. So we really can help you to get straight to some facts that will help you so much. We can help you avoid the traps, we can talk with you (a lot), to help you get through it.

We are not immigration lawyers, but we have experienced these cases with dozen of them. We can guide you in this jungle.

We will not charge any legal fee, but we will set up meeting or phone calls or skype calls to assist you.

This offer will be available soon.



Depending on your talents, you may need a demo reel, a photoshoot, complementary acting class, vocal coach, a videoshoot, business cards, a new website, a package or portfolio, a composite, a new look… We work with a team of professionals that will be able to help you, in a real, quick and efficient way.

Sometimes we will advise you not to spend your money if this makes no sense to us, at the moment. Some other times, we will diagnose you may need to do this or that to help you open certain doors. Before each and avery collateral fee, we talk with you, we work with to help you decide if it is worthy.