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The script is the core of any project.
We want to enlight the raw talent of writing. Not everyone knows how to write. If in the wrong hands, a good script may end up as a flat movie, but a bad script never, ever is going to make a groundbreaking film.

With the Script and Storyboard Showcase, we reward ideas, talent, and structure.
If you got theses three winning factors, you have a good chance. Not only in this writing festival, but in the process of making a movie happen.

I wrote many scripts, I won a best screenplay in 2016 in Los Angeles, and I got nominated 5 times as a scriptwriter in festivals in the USA, and the UK.

Because I know the necessary hard work, and because I know a script, by itself, long before a movie, gives enough to get recognition, we created the Script and Storyboard Showcase.


Matt Beurois, festival founder,

awarded scriptwriter and multi-awarded director.

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Our awards :
– Best FEATURE script
– Best SHORT script
– Best Series script
– Best Web Series script
– Best PITCH


Table Read
The SSS will have you experience :
FEEDBACK TO YOUR WORK. On request. Every nominated script and storyboard can get a FREE feedback. We’re not making a review, we’re sending you our feelings, what we experience reading your work. Cos in the industry, it is gonna be green lighted, or nothing. You have one shot, and we’re gonna respond this way so you can experience it.

On request.

AWARD GIVEAWAY, in Los Angeles, 2018, May 4. Once a year, winners get a certificate award + official winner picture.

NETWORKINGTABLE READS : your script getting to a first life. Your script is gonna be read by other attendees, member of festival management, invited actors and comedians.
Table reads are the best way to leave your script be, listen, take notes, and then… Get back to it with new ideas and polishing process.

The Script and Storyboard Showcase select the best works we receive, then we showcase the selected artist during the event and reward the winners during the award ceremony in Los Angeles.



Laurels are available here.


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