Our agency offers a wide range of services, with the lowest fees in Los Angeles.

Why ? Because we want to help and we believe in the networking.

And because we love artists.


Each service fee is to be paid with paypal, CB, cash, or wire. We do estimates, invoice, billing.

Ask references and specifics on talentfactorynetwork-AT-gmail.com



You have a film, you are featuring in a big movie ? You have a new music video, an album, a show… You have something to promote ? You want to have some press to share on you social networks ?  We offer some PR and promotion services.

Personal branding : your own interview on a partner website. – $50

Promotion Pyramid : we build up with you 5 items that will build your basic promotion and media / buzz package. This is a work you have to do with us, we cannot do it alone. –$100

PR package : we work with you, create a Press Kit, send this press kit to journalists, we follow up the answers. – $200



You have a shooting, a recording, a rehearsal, a red carpet, a casting notice, a part you want to book, you need a specific look for a part or a party…

We work with people in design, fashion, and in the business that can help you, starting with a single session.

$150 / 3 hours.



You record a song, have a photoshoot, a live event you have to speak to… We are here to support you, and prepare you for that, and coach you during it.


$50 / 1 hour.



As your management or representative, we are in touch with all platforms and distributors to have your copyright enforced.

We do for instance work with You Tube to have videos removed if you claim your copyright has been breached.




You need a headshot or a reel, stills or motion. This is what we started with.

Photoshoot -1 hour $50

Videoshoot -1 hour $50

Reel – shoot a reel $150

Reel – edit my reel $100



Music Management was one of our first mission, when MBc Agency was started by Talent Factory founder, 15 years ago.

Today, having digital distribution is much more easy, and we do offer this service for new artist.

We can plug your songs, album, single, even cover songs, to worldwide commercial distribution. Every dollar goes directly to your bank account or your paypal account, we take NO commission.

We only charge $100 to have everything online and follow up a year with you.

Digital distribution includes I Tunes, Amazon, Pandora, Deezer… In fact ALL final sellers.




You run a festival and you want to have it covered on video ? We shot, we edit, you get it !

Our packages are all included, we shoot, edit, send you an media file. We can upload it on You Tube for you if you want to.

Opening speech – $50 (delivered 2 days max. after shooting)

A QnA – $100 (delivered 3 days max. after shooting)

A full day coverage – $1000


You want to create you page on Imdb but you don’t have access to Imdb Pro ? We do.

Actors / Cast / Crew – creation $40 – update $10

Festivals – creation $50 – update depending on the number of items. Contact us.




We run many festivals. But when you submit to a festival, you never know if your film is going to be selected, neither screened.

We offer another option, with our screening services. With a simple fee, you can have your film part of a movie event, a screening event, or to professionals.

Fees vary depending on the lenght of your film ad the type of event we have available.



We create and run websites for our festivals, our management clients, and our commercial clients.

We can easily create your website, working with you from scratch to build up something you like, and that Google will like too.

Actor / Cast / Crew website – $300 + domain / 1 year. If you want more than a year plan, fees vary.

Commercial website – starting $500



Available for commercial use,   high resolution (300 dpi .png .jpg .pdf)

With 3 revisions – $250

With 5 revisions – $350



Sync and delivery on digital file (.srt) or burned in your master file, or both.

Starting at – $150, then depending on the length and amount of dialogues.