1-Day Filmmaking

At the end of the day : you walk away with your film.


The One-Day Filmmaking workshop is an 8 hours straight workshop to write, shoot and edit a film.

Workshop starts at 9AM, by 7PM yo have your film edited and completed in your USB key.

Get your film done in one day only and learn how to conduce a production and creative process, for real.


Complete film shot and edited with you by the end of the day -you bring your USB or Mac Compatible Drive

Imdb page for the film made -We create it for free

Imdb credit for you and each participant -For free

Your work featuring on the Talent Factory website


Final Draft

Premiere Pro

Shot Designer

Apple / MAC


Workshop shot on DSLR most of the time.



a director

an actress / actor

a photographer

a PA -Production Assistant-

an AD -Assistant Director-

an editor

a cast or crew artist

a filmmaker lover

you will get to pratice your craft, learn some real tips, and share our experience with others.

If the group does not have necessary actors or crew members, The Talent Factory will bring them on board.

Minimum age is 15. Parents are allowed to assist but not to take part.


Presentation -with complimentary welcoming coffee/tea

Workshop Rules and minute by minute program

Scriptwriting -with Final Draft



Lunch and debrief -bring your lunch, fridge on location

Film Shooting


Day debriefing



At our Colorado Studio, Pasadena (indoor + outdoor).


What do I have to bring ?

Headphones, pen and paper, sunglasses, cap, your lunch (fridge on location),

Is the workshop inside or outside ?

It starts inside, then depending on the script is often goes outside for shooting.

Parking ?

Free street parking.

I do not know how to handle a camera. What will I do ? 

You will do what you want to learn, or what you want to do.

Let’s say you want to learn the camera process : you will be taught the basics, and you will handle the camera with someone always by your side. You will learn by doing it.

Let’s say you want to see how a film is made : you will be put in the position of a PA -Production Assistant.

Who are the instructors ?

Main instructors is Matt Beurois, awarded director, producer and scriptwriter founder and Ceo of The Talent Factory.

Other instructors may take part, depending on the number of participants to the workshop.

I’m an actor, can I get the film at the end of the day for my reel ?

Yes. All participants bring the film home on their USB key.

Can I have all the raw clips ?


What if the workshop doesn’t finish on time ?

It always does. The game has its rules and we all play by them, as a team for a full day.

Can I come along with friends ?

Everybody is welcome as long as the registration and fee have been taken care of.

Can I have a friend coming over just to watch ?


I’m in ! What are the dates ?

Workshops take place on Saturday or Sunday. Dates are announced on this page. If you want to get noticed, ask for it by email.


Workshop : $450

Paypal, CB, cash.

Ask us about discounts and special offers.

Registration is mandatory : send us a simple email at talentfactorynetworkATgmail.com  Please specify One-Day Filmmaking Workshop in the subject.