Short Docs, High Def is an international festival that celebrates one of the most difficult genre to produce : documentaries.

Documentaries request high level quality writing, an exceptional production coordination, and a smart budget management. And we didn’t start talking about talent yet…



This festival is to be focused on this type of films. You will have specific recognition for the documentary you made, in a festival dedicated to documentaries.

Why is this so important ? Because sometimes, documentaries are just another category in some film festivals. We think documentaries deserve more attention, and we want to contribute giving it to them.




We will only select and screen short documentaries, not over 15 or 20 minutes maximum. If you made a full feature documentary, we will not be able to select it yet, but maybe in the years to come.

We are seeking for original documentaries, that can explore the world for us, bring some issues and analysis to the table, whether you shot it with a DSLR or a top 4K+ camera.

We accept all themes and langage. If not english speaking we require english subtitles.




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The winners will screen on 2017, May 5, in Los Angeles. The awards will be given on location after screenings.





The festival event will gather many talents and will screen all the winning documentaries. The winners will be invited on stage to claim their Certificate award of quality they will take back home.

The program will include a public presentation of each documentary by their team representatives.

You will be invited to a networking during the festival, to help you connect with other nominees, attendees, producers, directors.



Every documentary must be 15 to 20 minutes maximum. The shorter, the better.

Must be in english, or with english subtitle.


Your documentary may be :

  • animal
  • history
  • about people
  • about places
  • news report
  • covering an event, a company, a mission…
  • social related, politics, economics
  • about any form of art…

You get it : we accept all type of documentary. As this is our first edition, we want to remain fully aware of what you have to show us.




Here are some tips to increase your chances. These listed elements are not mandatory, but they will enlighten some good practices.

  • Use smart captions
  • Burn your subtitles with the names and relevant informations of the people talking on screen
  • Edit your interviews to make the most of it
  • Include some graphic design if this is relevant to your subject
  • We accept the use of historical footage
  • Have a clear narrative direction
  • If you use a voice over, make it relevant to your narrative choices and watch out for the writing
  • Make-it-short.


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