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The Student World Awards has one objective : seek and spot the best student talents from everywhere, then screen their films and show how much raw talent today gets to compete with professional industry levels.

Most of the festivals have a student category to submit, lots of them have student special fees and waivers. But we think this is not enough.

The film schools, the education the youngsters have, the society of images we live in today pushed a whole new generation to another level of creativity.


Young directors and student crews today are using different technologies than Peter Jackson or Steven Spielberg when they were kids, and maybe they are making different movies. But what students shoot today, most of the time is pretty astonishing. They break the ceiling of what the “student” expectations are.


To get that, you just need to attend some screenings, and to pay attention to certain festivals that screen a selection of student films or films made by students.

The 2017 and 2018 Venue.



Screening and award ceremony will take place on Sunset Bvd, os Angeles, on May 4th, 2018 !

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Best Animated Film

Best Director

Best Music Video

Best Photography (still photography)



Masterclass at the Luc Besson School, l’Ecole de la Cité.


I started making films even before I was a student. I will never, ever show anyone this stuff… But the more you do, the better. You learn a lot just by doing it. You can feel it, understand , see, touch… It may sound basic, but everything you do will one day, make a small difference because yeah, you did experience this or that at some point.

Even if it was for a creepy found footage in your friend’s basement.

Attending a cinema school is something much more valuable than you may think. You are building something, already. Make the most of it, and the more you will learn, earn, and do as a student, the more you will push it, all these little steps one day, soon, will be useful.

This is why wanted to create this special festival. Because you are the makers of tomorrow, and you will have to take it from those who are in place today. I want the Student World Awards to be something useful to you, in your career path.

Matt Beurois, festival founder,

multi-awarded director, awarded scriptwriter.

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