Judges 2017 – SWA

Here are the first names of the first Judges of the 2017 edition of the Student World Awards.

We are very pleased to have them to work on the first edition of the Student World Awards.

Jonathan Lago Lago



Graduated from the Conservatoire Supérieur Royal of Liège.

Interships and trainings in Moscow.

Student at the Luc Besson school in Paris, l’Ecole de la Cité de Luc Besson.

Prize list  :

Dada : Jury prize at Creajeune 2015 ; audience award at Polycule 2014

L’artiste : Jury prize and Internet prize at Interimarre 2015

La Preuve (2016) : Jury prize at Senlis festival (France) ; Best international short at the Paris art and Movie Awards ; best student short at Corto Creativo (Mexico) ; Special Mention at Amarcort Film Festival (Italy) ; Best short at Largo Film Awards.

Romy Trajman

Actress, director


Graduated of the Conservatory of Levallois.

Graduated from the Luc Besson school in Paris, l’Ecole de la Cité de Luc Besson.

Writer for Telfrance productions (France 2 broadcast).

Worked at Spinifex and Europacorp

1st feature in progress, with official support of the Angers film festival.

Sherif Awad

Film critic


Sherif was a Judge in many Film Festivals including :
– Festival du Film Indépendent, Brussels, Belgium, 2010
– Pula Film Festival, Croatia, 2012
– Orenburg Film Festival, Russia, 2012
– Cinedays Film Festival, Macedonia, 2012
– Journées Cinématographiques, Algeria, 2012
– Durban Film Festival, South Africa, 2013
– Karlovy Vary Festival, Czech Republic, 2014
– AFRIFF 2014, Calabar, Nigeria
– AfryKamera, Poland, 2015
– FESTICAB, Jury President, Short Narratives, Burundi, 2015

Nicolas Wendl



Graduated of the Dodge College of Film & Media Arts.

His film From the Woods won best at Cape Fear, Coney Island, and Los Angeles Movie Awards. It also went to Cannes Film Festival short corner and film market.